Welcome to PCF…

a place where ordinary people discover who
Jesus Christ is. We are calling on God to grow us up
in His grace and knowledge so that as ordinary people
we can affect change in our community and in our world.
It’s a good thing to celebrate what God has done in the
past, but as the Spirit of God leads us into the future,
we recognize that the primary concern of God isn’t
the programs of the Church. God didn’t send a
program to rescue humanity; He sent a person. Jesus came and died
for people like you and me; He didn’t die for programs. It was ordinary people that was transformed by an extraordinary Savior that turned the world upside down
in the days of the Apostles.
Programs can be good, but we’re talking about ordinary men and women
being changed by the power of God who go out and affect change in a
workplace, a school, a neighborhood, or a family simply by being there.
Ordinary people who are so filled with the love of God that Jesus is seen
through them and they are drawn to Him in a saving way.
Our continued prayer is that we become a place where people come to know
who God is, who grow in His love, and who will go out and share that love
and celebrate not only what God has done, but what He is doing…


“Till we come to the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ“

-Ephesians 4:13

Come join us on the journey!

What we believe:

We are an Assemblies of God
church. Please click on the links
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Assemblies of God Doctrines

Statement of Fundamental Truths

Staff and Department Leaders


Steve Morton, Senior Pastor


Carrie Delarosa, Worship Director


Christine Claxton- Office Administrator


Linda Trombley- Secretary


Teresa Morton- Children’s Ministry


Donna Archer- Hospitality